Saturday, April 23, 2011

Welcome to Valley Dude

I've been inspired by Valley Relics to start documenting my hometown, the San Fernando Valley.  I took the kids today to see a few of the places I spent time as a kid at.  We all had a great time.  Darn those Henry's Tacos are as good as I remember!!!

 The above image is from the corner of Balboa and Burbank - by the golf course and bike path
From the jogging path along Burbank Blvd., in between Balboa and Hayvenhurst
I thought this was weird - a bus stop with no sidewalks or paths leading to it.  It is right by the Golf building, but you have to tramp through some small bushes to get to it.
This picturesque scene is actually of the eastbound 101 on-ramp at Magnolia and Hayvenhurst.  Next image gives a better sense of perspective.
Mmmm - Henry's...
The above building is the Studio City Rec Center admin building, I spent a lot of time at this park
Most of the play areas were redone, but this turtle is the same one I played on decades ago.  There used to be a three level giant robot jungle gym, with the arms functioning as tunnel slides.  They removed it many years ago, the legend is some kid climbed up the side and either got killed or seriously injured.
Walter Reed Jr. High School - my alma mater
 Go Go Go, Go You Mighty Huskies!!  (Kind of a creepy sign, but they are memorializing someone who just passed away).
The Star Lite - pretty sure I never stepped foot in there.
Corner of Lankershim & Ventura - Universal Liquors, still there for well over 40 years
101 overpass at Hayvenhurst & Magnolia.  The SFV is big sky country (at least for L.A.)

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  1. Hey, I found you on google search while looking up pictures of "Walter Reed Middle School." I was wondering if you took that picture yourself? If you did would you mind if I used it for a teacher's website? He works there and wants an image of the school. Great blog btw, I'm a valley girl so I recognize almost all the pictures you've posted.

    Angela G.