Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Union Station journey footage

More footage of the Orange and Red Lines.  The first one struck me as interesting because while a great deal of effort is expended to make the Orange Line feel like a "light rail" experience (and fairly successfully so I should say) it still has to make stops at the stoplight.  So there it kind of feels like the bus.  The second one interested me as I didn't expect the bus to get to the speeds it did at certain segments of the line.  There, it definitely felt light rail-ish.   The third one is footage from the Red Line, leaving Pershing Station (on the way to Union Station) and just felt so classically "subway". 

Orange Line coming to a stoplight.

Video 2

This one shows the Orange Line moving along briskly, 
and it really picks up speed near the end of the video
(you'll have to get past me making up the "Orange Line" song for JD)

Video 3

Departing Pershing Square station on Red Line towards Union Station

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