Sunday, April 24, 2011

Trip to Union Station

The boys and I decided to take a mini road-trip today, starting from the Balboa/Victory Orange Line stop, eastbound to the Red Line, all the way to Union Station and back (note I had some pictures of the kids up but then realized I probably shouldn't do that on a blog).  My initial observations are that the Orange Line is a pretty good piece of public transit - bright, timely, speedy & comfortable.  For those of you who don't know, the Orange Line is nothing more than a dedicated busline that cuts east/west through the Valley.  It looks and feels like a light rail line, except that it's a big bus.  It's a great idea that should be expanded elsewhere.  As for the Red Line, I've taken it before and it is efficient and quick - between both lines I'd say it took an hour max to get from start to Union Station.  The Red Line is a bit more depressing, maybe that's the nature of a subway.   Some excerpts from the trip are after the jump (the first two items are videos, the rest are photos):
First leg of the Orange Line

Leaving NoHo Station on the Red Line to Union Station

 Union Station
Ceiling at Union Station East Terminus
Mural at East Terminus
Union Station

Looks like old ticket counter lobby - no public access

Leaving Union Station

Back at NoHo station
Mural at NoHo station
NoHo Station
Leaving NoHo Station
NoHo station entrance
Our Orange Liner for the way home
 Back at Balboa/Victory Orange Line station

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