Friday, May 27, 2011

The Great Divide

You know, I just found this sign located on the Sepulveda Pass absolutely fascinating.  According to the sign, to the south is the 405 Freeway, and to the north is the San Fernando Valley, and to me they seem to be equivalized in a weird way.  One way leads to a large, diverse and geographically distinct area, and the other way is a freeway (never mind that freeway also runs through the entire valley and also leads you to another large, diverse and geographically distinct area -- Los Angeles).  Now it's at an intersection whereby going left indeed takes you to an entrance point to the SFV and going right puts you onto the 405.  So it's not equalizing in a practical sense.  Still though -- kind of seems a bit of a dig to the south half of Los Angeles.  That way is the freeway.  This way is the SFV.

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