Friday, May 27, 2011

The Bear Pit

Oh boy, I was looking forward all week to going to The Bear Pit.  I hadn't been there in at least 20 -- more likely 25 -- years.  As a kid, I would go there with my mom, dad & sister and I think it was probably my favorite place to go to dinner.  (The BBQ beans, man -- I mean I remembered exactly how they tasted).  I was so excited - were the beans the same?  Were the bears still there painted on the wall?  Was the sawdust on the floor?  So today comes and we're all excited - my two boys, my wife and me - and I got off work early, and it is a gorgeous afternoon.   We get there, walk in and bam!  It's like I was back in time 30 years ago.  I got the baby back ribs, with slaw and fried potatoes (not french fries, literally whole little fried potatoes).  And of course the beans.  I'm not normally one for ribs, but here you gotta go all in.   Yum freekin' yum.  K was disappointed in her BBQ turkey sandwich -- the turkey wasn't marinated in the sauce, it just came on the side.  The kids, however, loved their chicken nuggets.  And most importantly - we all had an absolutely great time continuing a great family tradition.  More pictures below the jump.  [Note - if you're wondering why there's no pictures of the actual food it's because the moment my dinner was put in front of me I started wolfing it down....]

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